Generosity Leads to Lasting Impressions

Over the past 5 years, C’mon has received grant funding from the Naples Children’s Education Foundation (NCEF), founders of the Naples Winter Wine Festival. Through their generous funding we have been able to give wonderful opportunities to children and their families who may not otherwise be able to visit the museum.

Recently, I was speaking with one of our partner organizations that works with us to facilitate a bit of our NCEF initiative and was filled with joy! The partner and I were discussing how our grant funded admissions were being used by a few of their clients, one of which who visits on a regular basis. Not only was a happy to see that the grant funding was providing admission for this family, their repeat visits showed that they find benefit in their time playing and learning at C’mon.

Then came the comment that hit me most… I was told that the mother very much valued her time playing with her two young children as it gave her a chance to relax and just play with her growing girls! With the busyness of today’s lifestyle and juggling a joint custody environment, this mom was in the practice of working through the daily logistics and felt as if she didn’t have time to just stop, soak in the goodness of her children and play along side them. With the grant funded admission she was given, she now is able to schedule a very meaningful bonding time to put the meal prep, the laundry, and all the other chores of home to the side for an hour or two so she can be fully present with her kids. In this new practice, Mom has learned how important this time is for both her little ladies, but also for herself as a mother!

Yes, that is exactly why we do what we do! Our youngest visitors learn so much while they are here, but also… our parents, yes, even the grownups have a chance to learn at C’mon. They learn at a different level and it is equally as important!

As we continue these initiatives, we are so thankful for all our grant funders, donors and our community of caring people that provide us with the funds to give access for all! The beauty that comes from these wonderful partnerships really makes an impact on countless families in our community.

If you are a public service agency who works with underserved families in our area, please contact Beth Housewert, to learn more about the ways that C’mon is partnering with generous donors to provide services to your clients.

If you have a heart of giving or would like to bring joy to additional families in need through admissions or workshop opportunities, please contact Teresa Stohs, to find out about our many areas of sponsorship and support through giving.

Submitted by: Beth Housewert, Director of Play and Learning