Junior Mentor Shines Bright

At C’mon we have various opportunities for children to volunteer their time. One such opportunity is our Junior Mentor Program. One of our Junior Mentors, Jesus, is an excellent example of the success of the program.

Jesus became a member of the C’mon family as a member of our After School Program. He visited the Museum each week with his classmates to learn about various careers and engage in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) activities. When our educator invited Jesus and his classmates to apply to volunteer with younger children over the summer, Jesus was one of the first to submit his application to be a Junior Mentor. He came in for his interview with his parents and his excitement changed to nervousness as he learned just what it meant to be a mentor to younger children. His family encouraged him to accept the position, which he did with obvious trepidation.

By the end of Jesus’s first day as a mentor, he was more excited about the experience than when he presented his application. His mentor educator stated he was an amazing asset in camp. He helped with anything she needed and served as a wonderful role model for the younger children. Jesus returned for a second week at the Museum as a camper, brimming with pride that this was “place”. He continued to assist the educators and other children, even though he was not classified as a mentor that week. The skills he learned simply became a part of him.

Submitted by: Jessica Murphy, Programs Manager