Sew Much Fun in Curious Kids!

In the Curious Kids room, designed for our 8 to 14 year old friends, children have many activities to choose from. New activities are offered every month. Anything from Marble Lego Runs to Name Aliens or Catapult Building to Sound & Vibration Stations with Tuning Forks. It may surprise you to learn that the sewing table is the most popular activity for both boys and girls. While the sewing table has become a permanent fixture due to its popularity in Curious Kids, the focused activity for the table changes on a monthly basis. For example, in February we made mini Emoji pillows, in March we made Minecraft Softies, and our April project is a Monster Plushie.

At C’mon, our focus is learning through play. While we create fun activities, there is always learning guiding the fun. It’s important to recognize the value handicrafts offer to children. Basic sewing is a life skill that incorporates development and maturation of finger dexterity through fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills. Critical thinking skills are also cultivated as children read and follow directions, which promotes their sequencing and recalling abilities.

Sewing in Curious Kids offers a social creative outlet for meeting and gathering with friends in a safe environment without parents. That’s right! Curious Kids is a parent-free zone! If your child has never sewn or has little experience, our play specialists will guide and teach them as they explore and experiment with color, pattern, and texture. Kids have so much fun using patterns to cut fabric and then putting it all back together in a new way. Patience and perseverance are fostered as they make mistakes. Through their mistakes, they learn and begin to develop mastery.

Although our friends always come away with an amazing sewing project, we like to emphasize that our sewing projects are about the process, not the end product. Kids find and build their self-confidence as they problem solve. One of the reasons our sewing table is so popular is because kids find it so empowering. Besides all the ways that learning to sew can benefit our children, it’s just simply a ton of fun! So head on over to Curious Kids at C’mon! We’ll have sew much fun!

Submitted By: Meg McKinney, Art Coordinator