Cupcake Investigations

Happy 5th Birthday, C’mon! In the Art Studio, our little friends helped us celebrate turning five years old in the month of April. One of our activities was our Cupcake Investigations Sensory Bin. We filled the sensory bin with cake mix, pipe cleaner candles, cupcake sized containers, cupcake liners, ice cream scoops, and brightly colored sprinkles, ice cream scoops, and measuring cups. Children were able to apply their real world knowledge of cupcakes to a pretend situation through exploration and further experimentation.

Our little friends had an opportunity to engage many different senses through their play. For example, the entire Art Studio smelled mouth wateringly delicious. The bright colors of the sprinkles, containers, and multiple other items caught their eye. The feel of the fine cake mix, the fuzziness of the pipe cleaner candles, and smooth plastic of the tools enticed small fingers to delve into the sensory bin.

In addition to the benefits of such tactile fun, children were introduced to pre-math skills when playing with the measuring spoons. They were working on their fine motor skills when filling, scooping, and dumping the cake mix in and out of ice cream scoops, measuring spoons, and containers. The Cupcake Investigations Sensory Bin also boosted social skills as new friends shared and played with one another side by side.

So although we have tons of fun at C’mon, especially with the messy grandness of the sensory bin which was just one of our amazing activities in April, our mission is to always support learning through play. This is the vision that our C’mon founders built upon. This is the vision that we continue to foster on C’mon’s 5th birthday. So C’mon and play with us!

Submitted By: Meg McKinney, Art Coordinator