Seeing Double at C’mon

Seeing double at the Children’s Museum of Naples? No, it’s three sets of twins volunteering at C’mon.  At different ages and backgrounds, two are in college and the other four in high school. So, we asked them to share their thoughts and insights into volunteering with C’mon and we summarized their answers.

Q: What attracted you to C’mon?
A: It’s a positive, friendly atmosphere and we all enjoy working with the children.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most about volunteering.
A: The Farias twins stated the museum was welcoming and kind, and hardworking volunteers and workers was the first impression that came to them. The Munn and Foots twins agreed that meeting new people/ friends was always enjoyable. They got to connect and talk to different people around the world.

Q: Have you gained any new insights, or growth since you started volunteering?
A: The Munn twins, who are in college felt that volunteering here made them more sociable and learned to interact more with the children and parents. They felt more confident in talking to the visitors. All the twins stated that working with children was a confirmation and helped them to grow in their understanding of different levels of a child’s growth.

Q: Do you have a story you would like to share that made an impression on you while volunteering?
A: While working at C’mon throughout the summer, I have seen many faces and many familiar ones as the days went by. As I saw the familiar faces day by day I always wondered to myself if they remembered me. One day before closing, two little girls started screaming my name and I stopped and looked around confused because it didn’t sound like a staff member calling me. To my surprise, it was the two little girls that I played with days before and earlier that day in Curious Kids and the Art Studio. The two girls were so excited to show me the rainbow loom bracelets that I started helping them with that they went on to finish. It melted my heart that they were looking for me and asked me when I was volunteering again so that they can come back on the same day. — The Foots Twins

C’mon is so appreciative of the time donated by volunteers. These three sets of twins, six inquiring minds, have all shared that they all made new connections with children and families and a feeling of accomplishment. They all learned how to communicate and feel comfortable talking to adults and children of all ages.