A USA Road Trip at C’mon
The World Café at C’mon has a new country, one we’re all pretty familiar with…the United States of America!
In keeping with the U.S.A. theme, our educators decided to cultivate a Route 66 feeling in the World Café. The idea was to harken back to family road trips on the open highway. The pull out Discover Drawers feature some of our great states and popular tourist destinations which include either postcards, souvenir patches, souvenirs associated with the places, and photos that highlight special features of the states. For example, Hawaii includes Tiki totems, Arizona highlights the Grand Canyon and a metal horse originally sold as a souvenir in the 1950’s along with a sweeping topographical view of the land, and Mammoth Cave focuses on the amazing natural architecture of stalagmites and stalactites.
In addition, there are some beautiful pieces of Alaskan artwork from the Children’s Museum’s collection featured in the Café’s columns. C’mon felt that it was important to feature the art of the indigenous people of Alaska. And don’t forget one of the most important features of any cafe, the food! The World Café is now proudly serving American cuisine, such as: ribs, fries, lettuce, bread/toast, fried eggs, apple pie slices, ham, cheese, among others. And the Scent stations have some delicious smells associated with the U.S.A. as well to please the senses, such as root beer, bubble gum, and barbecue!
Submitted by: Meg McKinney, Art Coordinator, and Laura Richardson, Development and Event Manager