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Exhibit Info

C’mon and explore the visual arts at the Loos Art Gallery. Have an American Art experience in this space designed just for kids! On display through April 2020. Some artwork from the collection is on display throughout the Museum year-round. 

Tips for taking a child through the Loos Art Gallery:
Read the labels – Study the information and questions associated with each work of art.

Make it fun – Children often strive to show their independence and form their own opinions, so let them walk around the gallery space on their own. Ask your child to find their most favorite and least favorite works of art in the room. Ask them to explain why they chose these works of art.  This also encourages the development of critical thinking and communication skills in your child.  

Keep it relevant –Art resonates when it is relevant. Show children easily identifiable subject matter such as farm animals, children playing on the beach or a carousel scene, for example. The collection is purposely directed at young children and what they can easily relate to visually, so every work of art depicts children and/or animals.

Spend time exploring the Loos Gallery on your next visit and encourage your child to find their inner art critique!


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